Sunday, March 27, 2016

Panic Mode

I consider myself as a "reactor."  I tend to get emotional to whatever happens to me.  And then later on realized that I could have been more calm.  I always tend to have emotions to circumstances that surprise me.  Be it when I saw a long-time friend, or when I am excited about something.  Even when I lost something, my blood hypes easily.  There is this uncontrolled temper when I am looking for something especially if I need it that very moment. But eventually, I get to find those missing things.

If I think about it more, there were lessons learned when we lose some things.  One important thing is patience.  I believe that being patient contributes to us being rational.  When we lose some thing, we must breathe in and breathe out in order to not reach our panic stage.  Regardless of how important that missing thing is.  We must keep our composure and not do anything reckless that we might regret for the rest of our lives.  That can be a bit exaggerating for some.  The thing is, we must think of it as there are things in life that we must get rid off and better things will fill the void.

Similarly, when the tomb was empty, there was a better thing that happened.  Christ has risen!  

As we enter the Easter Season of our Liturgical Year, let us remove our bad habits and replace those with the Resurrected Christ in our hearts.

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