Sunday, September 13, 2015

Voices from the Heart

Artwork by Zanobi Strozzi
Every morning, I wake hearing lovely hymns from a Church behind our house.  It is not a Catholic Church but they sang beautifully in contrast to some of the Catholic choirs.  Quoting one of my Theology Professor, "It is either the choir would make the Mass as their concert or they sounded like frogs."

I do not like to generalize all choirs that I heard.  But... I only heard choirs sang beautifully if the members are composed of religious/seminarians/ similar to that.  In my opinion, one factor is the state of heart.  They have been conditioned that what they do is for God.  Everything for the Lord.  And since their singing is for the Glory of God, it really shows in their voices.

Maybe, it is one factor that is lacking from our choir these days.  The passion of giving Glory to God during Mass through singing.  Choirs have become monotonous and they use the same songs even it is already in a different Liturgical Season.  I am in no position to judge them because I do not sing and I cannot sing.  But the thing is, I cannot feel their effort in their singing.  They should use songs that are related to the Gospel and Readings so as to assist the Church goers to reflect on the Word of God.

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