Sunday, November 2, 2014

Noticing God's Gift

Ikaw, ang pag-ibig na binigay sa akin ng Maykapal.  Biyaya ka sa buhay ko. (You are the love given to me by God.  You are a blessing in my life.)

There are times that God answers my prayers really quick.  Quick meaning God answered my prayer about 5 seconds after I prayed for it.  As I reflect upon my prayer, I think I should have prayed to God that it would be two way.  It is again a prayer of unrequited love.  I think I might have prayed to God that he be someone that I will like.  I think after a few seconds I realized that I like him, a lot.  And eventually it went deeper and deeper.  I felt that he have been checking me out.  There are things that he knew which I never told him.  He was the one who first opened up to me.  Are we together? No.  For some reasons, we are not together.  And we can't be together, just yet.  I just have this feeling that he is the one I have been waiting my whole life.  I have liked other men before.  But the feelings I have for him is quite different.  It has more substance and real.  My love life is my prayer recently.  If he is the one, then please let him realize it and tell me. 

I am grateful with my single life and I enjoy it.  Every time I went out with men, I always talk to God if this is the one for me.  I always end up have conclusion that "he is not the one for me."  I am thankful for God that His plans always manifest in my head.  But now, the guy I currently like is giving me this sense that "he is the one."  I just have to be more patient and pray more.

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