Friday, September 5, 2014

How do I pray?

There were many times when my prayers are not answered.  I learned that sometimes I have to really be specific when it comes to praying.  But whenever I failed and feel down, I always remember the saying, "When God does not seem to answer my prayer, do not hang up.  Just hang on."  Though it is not natural for me to do so, I try really hard to always hang on to God.  However, I feel that whenever I try to always look for God, it becomes more confusing.

How do I pray?
1.  I pray every morning as soon as I woke up.  I thank God for giving me another day.
2.  Before I leave the house, I pray to God to protect us always from any harm.
3.  I write my petition very specific with the exact details such as date, time, particular activity, etc.
4.  I pray while sprinkling Holy water on me.
5.  When I am sick, I put Holy oil on me.
6.  I try to silence myself.........

My immediate intention:

Passion : Continuing education, lover of learning, open butterfly garden
Work : A job that I want to do (long term), and I found it (I think),  it is not mine yet, but I am praying to God for it.

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