Thursday, August 14, 2014

Joy in grief

Taken from here.

A friend told me that his Dad died.  He told me in person.  I am not used to knowing these things upfront.  Usually, my friends would text or message me in facebook.  I can easily reply "my sincere condolences" in digital form. Actually, it was my first time being told verbally.  I was stunned and no words of "condolences" came out of my mouth.  I really don't know what to say because I need to process things.  His dad died, what should I say, things like that.  Since I am not really a "wordy person", I usually hug my friends to give comfort.  I am used to hugging a lot and we always do that with my friends.  However, I am in a place where hugging is not a popular culture.  He told me how he felt about what happened and I think he was also about to cry but he didn't.  The point is, he emphasized that it was his continuous prayer that gave him strength to endure everything.  He said that if he didn't have his prayer, he might break. It is his prayer that saves him.  I am trying to process everything he said.  I really do not know how to respond because I am not a super prayerful person.  I just kept quiet and listen.  That time, I think that was the best thing I can do.  I could have said "condolences" but I felt that I am not being true to myself and to him as well.  I empathized with him but I am not really sure if it reaches him. It doesn't matter anyway.  What matters is that I should never cease my prayer life.  I am guilty of being unfaithful with my prayer time.  This experience is a listen for me that no matter how down I feel, there is still God.  I should pray and always pray.  I wanted to do that always, but it is never the case.  I must not stop praying.

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