Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little piece of every something

An artwork from Paint the Towne.

“Christ yesterday and today.”  Since the longer text for this is “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”, I agree to this.  Christ showed His divine love during his time until His death.  Even after resurrection, this love never changes.  Christ may not be physically present here but He is here amongst our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and especially during the mass.  Because of these, we must continue loving others like He always does.

“The beginning and the end.”  It is very encouraging to hear the word “beginning.”  It sounded like something new like a new day, or a new life.  It is another start.  It is a blessing.  Another day is a blessing and Christ must be thanked for this new day.  What about the end?  Sometimes, the word end becomes the dead end.  But it should not be the case.  An ending should also be fascinating because it is the final.  It is the fulfilment of things.  And fulfilment is something to be thankful also.  That means at the end of the day, Christ must also be thanked after the day’s work.

“Alpha and Omega.”  Often times I hear that Christ is the Alpha and Omega.  But never did I call Him that.  I call Him Christ.  I recognize that He is everything, from start, second, third, and so on until finish.  He is present every step of the way, every progress that I made.  As a human, it is inevitable if I get carried away with all my achievements and forget about Christ.  But I must always be reminded that everything that I am is for Him and through Him.  It is through Christ that I have reached where I am.  And if not for Him, I will definitely fall.

“All the time belongs to him and all the ages.”  The endless time belongs to Christ.  We can talk to Him 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We can talk to Him anytime without worrying He might be already asleep.  He did not have to leave His Father to be in our side.  He is our Christ.  We must have faith in Him that He never leaves our side no matter what the circumstances are.

          About the above mentioned denoting the start and the ending, it is agreeable that it is for both the liturgy and the universe.  Christ is everything from the start until the end of the universe.  Christ is everything from the start until the end of the liturgy.  This cycle never ends.

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