Thursday, May 1, 2014

The work as a way of life

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There are people who do what they love and there are people who love what they do. But there are also who hate what they do. Sometimes, I really hate what I do.  And that hate always brought out the worst of me. I know it was wrong. But the negative output still manifested in me. Doing what I love and loving what I do has not been easy for me.  However, I must only choose from either of the two. Do what I love or love what I do. As I struggle to select one from the options, I must remember three things why I work.  Of course, receiving compensation is already tandem with work. Therefore, I will not include "as a source of income" in the three things why I work.

First, my work is my vocation. Vocation is not limited to committing to priesthood, religious, marriage, or single for life. Vocation is a lifetime commitment and I should commit to what I do. Committing to my work will develop my love for it. It will make the best of me. But it is not about me alone. My dedication to my work is a wonderful offering to God.  If I lift my work to God, then my commitment to it will be stronger. Thus, it is possible to have office behaviors that are only pleasing to God and as well as sanctify the workplace.

Second, my work can make me stewards of God's creations. At first, I only thought of this as being environmental-friendly person. I admit, I am more compassionate to non-human creations of God. I must not only care for the non-human creations of God. I must love and care for others. I do care for my family and friends. But being affectionate to total strangers is a real challenge. How much more to those people I hate in my workplace? I must remember that we are in the same team. I must be a source of pulling us upwards. Not only that it must be goal-oriented, it should also be Christ-centered. I must pray to God to give me the grace to change my heart for those people i hate in my workplace. May I be able to care for them even if they do not care about me.

Third, my work is my service to others. I am paid to do my tasks for the benefit of an organization. Literally, I am paid to serve my employer. In my personal reflection, I do not think that was how to be of service to others. I can do more than what I am supposed to do. It is imparting my capabilities that are more than enough to accomplish any tasks. I must learn how to be generous. My generosity should not be limited to monetary aspects. I can open the door to a person whose hands are tied carrying things. That may be a menial task but it can give impact to some. I am not really good at helping people. I should pray to God to grant me a helpful heart. This can make me to really serve my co-workers. Aside from praying to God for me to become a better worker, I must also pray for my co-workers.

As Saint John Paul II mentioned in Laborem Exercens, "Thus work bears a particular mark of man and of humanity, the mark of a person operating within a community of persons.  And this mark decides its interior characteristics; in a sense it constitutes its very nature", I pray that I may always remember these three things: Consider my work as my vocation, may I be a steward in my workplace, and my work is not just for me, but my service to God and others.

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