Saturday, March 8, 2014

The quest for a spiritual director

This is an artwork by Fr. Luke Goymour.

I have learned as a graduate student of Industrial / Organizational Psychology that an employee should be happy and efficient.  One factor contributing to those characteristics is being a "good fit" for the job.  A person must be technically and emotionally fit for a certain position.  Personally, I think that concept also applies for spiritual direction.  There are lots of very technically efficient spiritual directors but it does not mean that they can fit to anyone.

Looking for a "good fit" director is very challenging.  In my experience, I have tried and spoken to several directors.  But there were only two directors that I felt the connection.  One, I have tried already.  The other one, I have not tried yet.  There were also other directors that I have tried which I felt that they are not "good fit" for me.  You can really feel it as soon as you started conversing.  I think, finding a "good fit" director must also be our life quest.

Why do I need spiritual direction?  Well, spiritually nourished people do have spiritual direction.  As a lay person, I think I need spiritual direction more.  I may be praying to God but I only hear the side of me and the side which I feel God is telling me.  I need to have another opinion.  Another person who can see how I feel about my relationship with God.

One can find spiritual directors in retreat houses or in local parishes.  It won't  hurt to ask for spiritual direction from people whom we thought who can help us grow spiritually.  There are lots of resources about spiritual direction that can be found from the internet.

Do not be stressed if a director is not available soon. Pray to God to guide you to the right director.  It is really effective.  I prayed and I found one.  I did found two actually.  There were also experiences that validated that I really found the one.  You can have 2 to 3 directors to discern which of them fits you.  There can also be a time that a director would decline because of the hectic schedule.  I have experienced being rejected because they are too busy.  I understand them because they are in demand.  Or maybe, those directors are just not fit for me.  :)

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