Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quench my thirst

This is an artwork by Joey Velasco.

I am thirsty physically.  But I can drink as much water as I want.  I attended the mass early this morning and the reflection was given by seminarian EJ, theologian at San Jose Seminary.  By the way, he is also a Lasallian.  I used "is" because once a Lasallian, always a Lasallian.  And I love meeting fellow Lasallians anywhere.  The reflection was really beautiful and it did inspired.  A sister told me that she asked EJ for a copy and EJ said "nakakahiya po" (it's embarrassing).  I was thinking, what's embarrassing about it...? He did read his reflection out loud during the mass anyway.  And as I was reflecting, their choice of song for the communion is about thirst.  The title is I Seek You for I thirst.  I don't know if they chose the song based on the day's Gospel.  And if they did, I didn't noticed if they do it regularly.  Maybe they do choose the song based on the reflection and I just didn't pay any attention.  There were many thoughts in my head during my previous weekend and week-long retreat there.

Going back to my thirst quencher.  There is water.  But can that water quench my spiritual thirst?  There is water that can.  The living water.  And that living water can only come from the Lord.  But there are times that I would not drink it.  I have reasons and lots more reasons.  And I still choose to drink the ordinary water.  The water that can still make me thirsty even I have consumed so much.  But if I turn to Jesus, I will be able to drink the living water.  And only Jesus can provide me that water.  The water that will quench my spiritual thirst.

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