Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I must repent, I must believe

This is an artwork by Julian Falat.

Today is the start of Lent and many people have dark crosses on their foreheads.  I studied my whole life in a Friar - Supervised Catholic School.  Therefore, I never missed having ash during Ash Wednesday.  There was one particular song that is played during Ash Wednesday.  The song is entitled "Lupa."  The lyric goes like this, "Nagbalik sa lupa, magbabalik ng kusa, ang buhay mong sa lupa nagmula..."  Translating it in english, from Genesis 2:7, "God formed you from the dust of the earth, and when your time on earth is done, you shall return to the dust of the ground, which you were made of."

It is telling me it is all about coming back to the beginning.  It is all coming back to where it all started.  It is all coming back to God.  And God wants the simple me, the original me.  I do not need to wear expensive clothes nor expensive jewelries.  Honestly, I do not wear any of those.

Lenten season reminds me of Christ's suffering. He took the burden of carrying the cross of our sins yet I still continue to do many wrong doings.  I must be like the repentant thief who asked Christ's forgiveness that I may have eternal life.  I have faith that if I am truly sorry for my sins, I will be forgiven.

God just wants me to go back to Him.  And that is my quest not just for this Lenten season, but my quest in life.

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