Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feast of St. Joseph

This is an artwork by Francesco Rizzi.

Do I know St. Joseph?  I would definitely say "Yes!"  The next question is, "What do I know about him?"  It can make me think more than twice to answer that question.  I can say that he is the father of Jesus.  But that would be wrong.  He "fathered" Jesus and he is the most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  There is not much said about Joseph in the Bible.  I went to schools that is run by Religious orders all throughout my academic life.  And I can not remember anything aside from Joseph being a carpenter and a father to Jesus.

There might be little information about Joseph but he plays a very significant role.  He is the father of the Holy Family.  

Joseph is an example of that "perfect lifetime partner."  He is God-fearing, obedient, loving husband, and a good father.  I was told by some elderly people that we ask for intercession from St. Joseph to help us meet the perfect partner in his likeness.  As long as he is God-fearing, everything follows.  A person who loves God more than anyone else.

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