Sunday, March 2, 2014

A talk with a stranger

This is an artwork by Enoch Wood Perry.

I was sitting and reading my review notes inside the bus.  Then this older guy sat beside me.  He has this reeking smell of cigarette smoke.  And I hate that smell.  I was thinking, "Why the hell did this guy sat beside me?"  I am a bit distracted with the smell, but I did not mind at all.  Then he began talking to me about how I was so engrossed with my studies (Puspusan kang mag-aral diyan ah, finals niyo na ba?).  I am not snob when someone talks to me first.  I spoke back then eventually I knew that he is already a senior citizen, he has 2 kids graduated already.  The older is a building manager who earns big and the younger one is abroad looking for a job.  He has lots of wisdom about school, parenting, and life in general.  He is really a nice person and he end up treating me for my bus fare.

He mentioned that he has a co-worker who lives in a certain street. That street happens to be where I live.  Of course, I did not tell him I live there.  One of his statements that I cannot forget, "No one will ever support the kids except the parents." (Wala namang ibang pwedeng tumulog sa anak kundi mga magulang.)  What I really like about his perception in life is the value of education.  Education will bring a person anywhere.  He despised those kids who do not realize this.  He even said that later on in life, those out of school youths will regret that they took for granted the current resources that they have. He mentioned that he knew people who have lots of money but the children would not attend class and just waste the money.  He also said that it is okay if his kids would not give them money.  But if they do, then much better.  All he wants is that his children can live on their own.  He is really thankful that all his kids were able to finish their studies.  We talked the whole bus ride but I was not able to get his name.  I am not really good at talking to strangers.  I am a shy type and I don't really ask for names.  I would not recall it anyway.

In our family, Education is also a priority.  Maybe one factor of it is because my mother is an educator.  They have this sense of providing the best education there could possibly be for their children.

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