Monday, March 31, 2014

A home like no other

This is an artwork by Vincent Van Gogh.
It has been popular that home is different from a house.  To summarize, the house is the physical structure while the home is what contains the house.

A home has love, understanding, forgiveness, and many other feelings by those who are living there.  It includes love for other living creatures like pets and plants.  And after a very long and tiring day, we can't wait to go home and have a relaxing rest.  But do we feel restful? Probably yes, physically. How about our spiritual restlessness?

In time of lent, we may always hear that our sacrifices show how much we love God.  In the similar way how Jesus died for us.  But it is should not be pure sacrifices because of love.  We must see the joy in doing that sacrifices our of love.

Turning back to God might include a whole lot of sacrifices.  We want to do it anyway because we love God.  But we must always include the jubilation that comes with coming back to God.  And that joy would give us that homey feeling with the Lord.  Because that is our real home, back in the arms of God.  We will find rest in Him.

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