Wednesday, February 19, 2014

With Action

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  Jas 1:19-27 Mk 8:22-26  

"Be doers of the word and not hearers only"
I regularly attend mass. However, I am not sure if I was able to share the faith with other people. I can't even drag my brother to attend mass. Yes, the word is really drag. He is a good person but I really need to put a leash on him just to go to the Church itself. But faith is not something that I can push on someone. Humans have free wills and it is his decision on what to do with it.

I ask again myself, "Can I already be considered a doer?" I think I need to listen carefully first. I do hear the word of God. But I have to live it first before I can act on it. Maybe that is why I haven't done anything yet. In order to act on it I have to listen attentively. Instill the word of God in me. But it is not enough. As the Gospel says, "His sight was restored and he could see everything." I need to look at things and see them clearly.

I need to develop my senses. Narinig ko na kung ano. Nakita ko na kung paano. Gawin ko na ang tama. I can do anything because Christ is in me.

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