Thursday, February 27, 2014

The response

This is an artwork by Anne Vallayer Coster.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I make sure that I eat breakfast.  

I woke up early to prepare for mass then walk the path going there.  The air is so fresh and I savor every single step.  It is still too early that is why I have ample time to glide going to the Church.  While I was walking, I thought of going to bakeshop after mass.  Then I changed my mind because I forgot to bring my ecobag to carry the bread.  You may think I will buy a lot.  It is not a lot.  It is enough to last for one day. I could carry 2 packs of bread by embracing those.  But I prefer a sling bag for easier handling.  I do walk going home also that is why it is better that I use ecobag.

I stopped thinking about my breakfast as the mass started.  I should not be hungry though since my first meal is the ostia.  We do not drink wine, only the presider does. :D  Anyway, I did not stop by the bakeshop near the Church anymore.  I was still thinking if I will buy bread before going home.  There is bakeshop near our house anyway.  Again, I was hesitant to buy there because I might see people I knew.  I am not really comfortable greeting my neighbors whom I do not regularly interact to (self-imposed introvert).  The way to my home is a 20-minute slow walk/15-minute normal walk/7-minute run.  I usually do the slow walk and I have enough time to think about whether to buy bread.  And then I saw a mobile bakeshop.  I just called it mobile bakeshop for the sake of some readers.  It is a cart-bicycle bakeshop and the breads are freshly-baked also.  I bought some and continue my way home.  I thank God for the answer - I will still buy bread.  But from another vendor.

As I reflect on this, God provide for all our needs.  We just need to realize how He respond to our call.  And the bread is symbolical indeed.  He is the bread of life.

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