Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am not in control

This is an artwork by Trish Jones.

"So for one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, it is a sin."

The passage from the letter of Saint James tells us that it is not correct to state our future doings making it like we are in control of what will happen to us.  It shows arrogance and depicts evil.  Knowing that it is evil and still doing it makes us sinners.

We all started from zero when we were born.  We knew nothing and we were educated through family, friends, schools, and other experiences.  When we were younger, adults decide for our well-beings.  As we grow older, we begin to learn to decide for ourselves.  We were able to choose things which we think are good for us.   We have this "to do" list for our lives.  We have lots of plans for our future.  But do we include God in it?  Sometimes (or most of the time) we neglect to remember that there is God who has control to what can happen to us.  When we want to do something in the future, like go shopping, we must say, "We will go shopping on Friday, God willing."  It is a sign that we acknowledge our God and not rely on our own as if we are already sure that we will go shopping on Friday.  

Giving all to God will lead us to choose the right path.  As we go forward our lives, we experienced things and learned from them.  Our perceptions are molded by the values that are instilled in us and acquired from external forces.  We learn how to differ good from bad.  We must choose to do good.  There are instances that we still choose not to do the right thing even if we knew it is right.

We must always ask for God's help so we will know what to do.  We must seek for the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to help us decide.  We must not rely on our own knowledge but let God be our guide. We must remember that only God holds our future.  If we make God as the center of our life, it will help us be strong away from temptations.  It will help us do good things.  If we do good then we are with Christ.

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