Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Earlier this morning in my usual routine, I suddenly had this ecstatic experience.  I'm really wasn't sure what happened.   It is just while I am doing some prayer exercises that I learned from the retreat, I felt like I was transported into another place but I am in my same physical condition.  I was holding something like a plastic wrapper with paper in it.  I didn't saw what was written but I figured it is a prayer.  Then I began to ask why was I holding that thing when in fact I knew that I was holding a handkerchief.  I din't know if am half conscious or half asleep.  I was able to snap out of that vision while keeping my eyes closed.  Then I went immersing myself to passage that I always remember.  The "Come and see" passage.  I was practically having a conversation with Jesus and not just me narrating my concerns.  Jesus asks questions, and I answer.  And I even told Him that He already knew about it and He replied that He still want to ask those questions.

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