Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Greatest desire

I just came back from a retreat.  It was an overwhelming experience.  Really it was.  There were several exercises and those are really helpful.  I have always thought that may faith in God has always been theoretical.  It is just that I am putting everything about God in my head.  I am beginning to believe my brother that I am indeed heartless.  I have compassion and I am very emotional.  I can open up to my few very close friends.  I open up my emotions to myself which seems like a feedback and I end up absorbing everything by myself.  I need to open up myself to God.  He is the closest being to me and yet I do not really talk to Him that much.  As Fr. Segudo said, "If we ask God why, then it is already a prayer." It is not really my habit to ask "why's."  My brother always ask God a lot of "why" questions.  Maybe that is why he has a better paying job than me. :D  He talks to God most of the time though his way of life is a bit questionable.  Who am I to judge anyway?  When I go for a longer retreat, there is now a reason.  Hahahaha!!! To open my heart to God.  I do not know when this will be possible.  But hopefully my mind and heart could meet.

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