Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pursuit of Happiness


I really thought this drama is a remake of the movie "Pursuit of Happyness."  I read the synopsis and got a bit curious.  Although, there is already a pre-notion in my head that this is another "taiwanese-themed" drama.  I lost count of how many subbed dramas that I have watched and taiwanese, korean, and japanese has their own unique thing.  I love the japanese drama the most because of the unpredictable storyline and I got hooked of what could be the ending.  It is a bit more "real" in the sense and there are no exaggerated emotions of whatsoever.  For the korean drama, this is more like the filipino dramas.  There is betrayal, deception, and revenge.  I find korean dramas a bit negative and carries a lot of hurt and hatred among the characters.

Going back to judging this drama having a taiwanese-feel, it is really a taiwanese feel when I compare it to lots of taiwanese dramas that I have previously watched.  It is a bit comedic with the lovers switching partners at the end.  Lead actor/s love another person/s at the start then later on developing feelings toward different person/s at the end.

There is a part of the ending song that made me reflect.  The translation would be:

Feelings can't be cultivated through effort to finally sprout

If it's like this, how long will it take to harvest

Understanding doesn't come with time

It doesn't just happen

If this is the case, we can leave many words unspoken

The process is like an egg

We're turning and twisting within

Always finding fault here

And pushing the blame around

Some people aren't optimistic


The more careful you guard

Even small squabbles will turn into huge fights

Since I have this imagination of what the ending would be, maybe I will watch this next year (God willing) when it is already completed so that I will not be anticipating for new episodes each week.

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