Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Lasallian star signifies 5 C's.  Competent, Confident, Christian, Committed, Compassionate.


If you commit something, mean it.

Commit not just for the sake of getting into that commitment.  It is about STAYING committed.

Vocation is a commitment to oneself, to others, and most especially to GOD.

 A person's vocation is discerned and a grace from the Lord.

Do not decide for a vocation just for the sake of deciding or pleasing other people.  It should be a prayerful process and something a person would feel that "swakness."  I felt it recently. :D  During my earlier adventure, I thought I was just feeling uneasiness because of the new place, new experience, and other more "new's."  What I had experience the previous day is something new also but there is no awkward or uneasiness.  Actually, I realized that that was I want.  As I reflect again, God has been answering my prayers.  I am truly grateful for that.  God will provide for our needs.

Going back to the commitment.  Let us use marriage as an example.  We must not rush into marriage because almost all of our friends are getting married or having kids.  We also have friends who have kids from different partners or just recently got a new partner.  And yet we do not have any of those.  The thing is, it is not about getting married.  It is about staying married.  Marriage is a vocation.  It is a commitment.  It is for life.

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