Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 1 - noon

This was my reflection during my first week back in May 2005:


This week has not been very easy for me.  There are lots of thoughts that keep popping in my head and they are so disorganized.  Until now, I'm still confused why I am here.  Not why I am here in this world but rather why I am here in Laguna.  If I am still in Manila, I do not have to repeat many subjects because not all the subjects that I have taken up are credited here. It is not that I am complaining about repeating many subjects.  I myself believe that I may take the same subject many tines but the values and lessons learned are not the same.  It is just that everything is so different here.  I am not used to walking along the corridor without seeing any familiar faces (no familiar faces indeed - very small population - bihira akong makakita ng ibang tao).  There are not much people I see when I walk inside the campus.  The building is almost empty before 6:00 PM  And I am not used to being myself most of the time.  And according to Francis Kong, "Success starts in being alone like the lone eagle soaring high above the sky."  Maybe this would work for me.  It is not that I am sad here.  I cannot also say that I am happy.  I cannot really tell what I am feeling right now.  I may be just missing Manila.  Maybe I left my heart there.  But then I realized that I am what I am today because of the choices I made back in Manila.  I trust God's wisdom that it is better for me to be here.  I will just have to do my part as a student and a person to fulfill God's plan for me.

Ayan, naalala ko na kung paano ako naging mahilig sa katahimikan at pagiging mag-isa.  And aside from that, ang roommate ko ay tahimik.  As in.  Nasanay na ako.  The silence did changed me for the better.  And I am really loving the silence.  :D


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