Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tadaima! After 8 days...

After 8 days (8 nights) of silence, I am back in my world, my cross.  I have some realizations and there are things that became definite to me.  Before I went there, I have a blurry vision of those things.  Blurry, means I have things in front of me which are just unclear.  And as the days progress, it became clear of what I want and where my heart is.  Of course, I would not realize those without the divine providence.  And there are a lot (really lots of it!) of things that manifested which I neglected.  And I was really thankful to God that I was able to be there, for my SD, for the food, and everything.   Silence is really healthy for everyone.  Now I am back, I am still a bit dizzy with my surroundings.  The noise, the buildings, the loud voices of people, the colorful clothes (imagine most retreatants there were nuns and priests plus it is a novitiate house and seminarians who do SPFY stay there).  I still have a mild headache but hopefully I will get used to my real life.  I will post pictures from my retreat after the upload in photobucket is finished.  There is also something about the retreat house, not a creepy thing but I am drawn to that place.

Isa pa, parang gumanda yung layout ng widget ko ng ibreviary... hehehe

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