Sunday, September 29, 2013

God of Silence

Habang naghahanap ako ng mga worship songs sa youtube, pinakinggan ko ang "God of Silence".  Naisip kong pakinggan since I just recently came back from a week long silent retreat.  Tapos nung pinakinggan ko, isa pala yun sa mga instrumental songs tuwing meal time.


It is in silence where I can feel God's presence.  Kahit hindi ako magsalita, He knows my heart's desires.  Iba compared sa biological na magulang.  They ask so many question and seem to listen to the answers.  But in reality they don't.   They kept asking the same questions over and over again, or maybe they just forgot the answers.  Those were not technical-troubleshooting kind of questions.   That is why I do not really want to tell them what transpired during my escapades because I already knew that they would not really listen.

My SD saw right through me.  Or he seemed to be.  I was able to realize that I have the desire to know myself.  I really want that but I do not entertain the idea when I took the degree.  I know he was guided by the Holy Spirit.  And before going to the retreat, I prayed that the HS will find the way bring me to a "swak" SD.  This can be a reiterating topic, I just want to share that I am really grateful to God that I have found a "swak" SD.  I did not have high expectations prior to my retreat because I felt pressured with my previous SD's.  With my recent SD, I reflected in my own pace.  Probably because of the during that is why I took my time in silence, and reflecting about things.

Madalas ang table-mate ko si Sr. Primadian, FCJ.  Hindi kami magkakilala.  Ang kwarto kasi naman may nametag.  Hehehe.  I observe people there, I can't help that habit.  :D  Na-figure ko lang na she is quite talented.  She can draw and musically inclined (based sa akin observation).  Madalas kasi kapag dumadating siya sa refectory, ito yung song.... hehehe

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