Friday, August 16, 2013

A glimpse in a monastery

I was really grateful that I went to the monastery. There are realizations and I felt that I wanted more of it. But according to the VD, there is no need to rush. Just continue praying for it and eventually things would be clearer where I will be at my best even during the time when I am at my worst.

All of us are spiritual being.  Maybe our levels would be different.  Doing. Being. Mission.  Similar to be a human, be a Christian, be a Vocation.  Different nouns, similar meaning.  Each noun could exhibit different levels as well.  My spirituality is what I am trying to develop recently. I know I am still at the doing/being a human part.  It takes time to level up but I am confident that I am making progress.

Wanting to have spiritual growth is not exclusive for the religious.  As a person in the quarterlife, spirituality is essential.  I can be physically exhausted, but I must see to it that I can sustain the spirituality.  As my favorite verse, "I can do all things through God who strengthens me!"  If I seek for God, everything follows.  No matter how tired I felt, I must remind myself that everything I do, I do it for God.  That is a very great gift to Him.  My work, my service.  I must remember that in any job that I do, I must ask myself, "Is this a job worth offering to the Lord?"

If a person seeks spiritual development, it is not right to immediately assume that the intention is for joining the religious (though there is still a possibility... hehehe :D ).  Is it not possible to have a personal choice of improving one's spiritual life? (Agad-agad madre na?  Di ba pwedeng gusto ko lang na mag-improve ang spirituality ko?  Kapag spiritual madre na agad?  Di ba pwedeng ang isang lay person, healthy ang spiritual life?  Kapag healthy ang spiritual life madre or manang agad? Di ba pwedeng mas cool kapag malapit kay God?)

Love life???? Duh!!! kung meron, darating yun.  Darating siya pala.  At i-gu-guide siya ni God papunta sa akin.  Baka sa iba siya dumaan dahil sa kanyang free will?  Basta mahal niya si God, makikita niya ako.  Kung sobrang mahal niya si God higit kanino man (pati sa magiging lifetime partner niya - ME), mas madali at mabilis niya akong matatagpuan.  A guy who loves God above all, a perfect gift to me from God.  Many people may say that this kind of love for God are more common to non-Catholic Christians.  No!  Since I am a Catholic, I would say that this conviction also applies to us.  We (or I) may be silent to those who persecute the Catholic Faith.  We just do not go around scrutinizing other faith which we are not engaged to.  Maluwag daw at walang disiplina?  Free will.  God loves us.  It is our free will on how to respond to Him.  Sa ibang religion mahigpit, pero mas mapapalapit daw kay God.  Ewan ko lang.  It varies depending on the person.  We have our own individual Faith regardless of our religion.  Ako, Catholic pa rin!  :D  I love the sign of the Cross, I love having a gigantic grotto in our house, I love receiving the Sacraments, I love many things about being a Catholic.  Not everything?  There are tinsy-bitsy things... hahahaha









Ansarap ng bagong pitas na lansones! At first timekong mag-harvest ng rambutan na masarap din kahit yellow pa!!!!


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