Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 nights in a home away from home

**Napansin ko, 3 gabi lang ako nawala, kakaiba na ang organization ng gamit ko.  Paano pa kaya kung 8 gabi akong wala?**


I spent 3 days and 3 nights at the novitiate house of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Sienna.  I did a lot of reflecting there.  It was some kind of a discernment retreat for me.  I felt welcomed and at home.  They gave me a welcoming card which is color purple with monarch butterfly prints, and sunflower photo.  Talk about things that I like.  :D And the parish there has sunflower at the altar.


Siyempre first day, getting to know things.  The place was really homey!


Love the banana cake and the tripple chocolate cake.  The starbucks donut, chili tuna & chili corn beef pandesal, and all the food were really good.


I also made a rosary for the first time in my life!


Madaming realizations din... About stuff...


Then the lyrics of the song in the ink paper hit me... Plus a short conversation with the twins who go to Woodrose.  Then, a few bookmarks....


Hugasan ang plastic bago itapon para hindi langgamin/ipisin.  


Mga bagay-bagay na hindi na nabibigyan ng pansin, pero biglang napansin.  The village has a decent parish but I felt that the budget is in place.  Come to my hometown and you will see how's our parish.  I am really proud of it. :D  But I wish that it was more of less of ourselves and more of others.  Siguro, tamang-tama sa piyesta -  my birthday!


I am really thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be there with the sisters.    I am grateful for that experience.   I also realized that I did took action and not just with the virtues of patience, discernment, and prayerfulness.  But I am still a work in process in those areas.  Again, I feel that I am making progress.


I won't be afraid because I have faith in God.

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